Gemini Horoscope

Gemini May 22 through June 21

Natives of this sign are bright and whimsical in their relationships. You require an entertaining partner who stimulates you mentally and on a communicative level.

Your Natural Partners are Aries and Leo.


Aries are of very romantic character bright of intellect and luxurious in they're comforts. If you've been looking for a whirlwind story book romance here's you sign. Poets have described an Aries in love whenever they have tried to capture the romantic spark. An Aries will slay dragons fight great battles or die tragically for the one they love. No monument of their affection is beyond their attempt or attainment.

If you are to be with one of these emotional fire balls you must be willing to try almost anything and like almost everything. They get bored very easily, experiencing new things and people is what keeps them young. Their imagination is endless and adventurous. They can be dominant and forceful when it is called for, sometimes when it is not. They will provide a great deal of security for they're complimentary Air Sign mates. They are after all your perfect playmate.


The Leo is a physical and enamoured romantic. They are generous and enjoy extravagant living. Lovers of beauty, Leos are captured by the eye and tamed through their hearts. Leos are bright and opinionated, intelligent conversation is a strong point here. Leos are decisive and naturally lead. Your Leo will take you on countless romantic getaways no doubt, complete with wine and roses and loving communications.

It was once said to me that a Leo loves as though they were loving themselves. This is a wonderful aspect to add to a very active and charismatic personality. Their arena is the social stage and they will carry their compatible Air Sign mates through many a social gathering. Always complimenting their wit and including them in on an intellectual double team.




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