Leo Horoscope

Leo July 24 through August 23rd

The Leo is a physical and enamoured romantic. They are generous and enjoy extravagant living. Lovers of beauty, Leos are captured by the eye and tamed through their hearts. Leos are bright and opinionated, intelligent conversation is a strong point here.

Your Natural Partners are Gemini and Libra.


Geminis are bright and mental lovers. They are very verbal and the key to their emotions are in a constantly interesting relationship. They are intrigued with the thoughts of a witty imaginative and intelligent partner. Geminis want it all, the one they love must be able to lead them to new and interesting places. They have a need for information and constant mental stimulation.

To a Gemini love is in the mind. You will find a great deal of excitement in their imagination and mental gymnastics. All they ask is the same in return. Their activity is great and there are not many things a Gemini will not try. Their playful nature makes for a lifetime of fun and the pleasure of their company will hold your attention. Variety is the spice of life and they like their life and love spicy. Geminis have a great need for communication and will respond best when they are in tune with the one they love.

A mental link with the inquisitive Gemini will provide an exciting and intellectual lifetime of ever changing love play.


To be a Libra is to love being in love. Libras are of the notion that all love should be the happy after ever kind and that all knights ride pristine looking white chargers and all damsels must be saved. They are bright and social, their parade of social contacts become an important part of their lives. They are looking for a prince or princess and unfortunately may try out many toads along the way.

The Libra persona is always looking for their "other half" they will not be happy until they have found them. They want the bells and sky rockets every day. You must be that other half if your relationship is to work. You must share with them, life and friends.

If a Libra is your choice then remember that you must fulfil their need for security. They see perfection in a strong and stable partner. They have a strong need to depend on a mate and rely on their character.

Your success in this relationship will be rewarded with a loyal and affectionate partner, a Libra will give all they have for the one that they love.




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