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Steven and Bonnie Repko met each other on America Online in an Astrology Chatroom on June 25th 1996. The attraction was strong for two unresolved soul mates who physically met in this lifetime on June 30, 1996, a blue moon in Capricorn. A true internet faerie tale love story.

The First Gem N Aries website was written by Steven for Bonnie in Novenber of 1996 the logo above was the first Gem N Aries logo, inspired by one of Bonnie's tatoos.

Their immediate and undeniable attraction led them to be handfasted on August 9, 1997. Together they started Gem N Aries Astrology to help people to understand themselves and realize the possibilities that life and astrology can offer.

Their true caring for their clients and their attitude towards clients as friends in need have brought them many loyal friends as a reward. In it's internet heyday Gem N Aries hosted millions of visitors and customers from all over the world.

Bonnie A. Repko, Gemini, is a gifted and knowledgeable astrologist. Her ever ongoing studies are specialized in the areas of natal psychology and chart afflictions. Her astounding accuracy and perception along with her caring and supportive manner have made her a favorite with all generations throughout the world.

Bonnie's research into the outer planets and their effects on personal psychology has helped people find solutions to the many problems in life. She is very intuitive and empathetic which makes her approach effective without being clinical. She has found that through astrology and the specific aspects of the natal planets many answers to life's problems can be found that otherwise may be overlooked.

Steven E. Repko, Aries, is an astrologer, medium and occultist, he has studied relationships and the stars since his childhood. He is known the world over as a reliable, accurate relationship astrologer and strategist.

His gift for finding the specific lesson flows in charts is short of phenomenal. This gift along with his ongoing studies in human relationships in the Aquarian Age, life karma, and chart resolution result in perceptions and interpretations that are amazingly accurate.

Steven has spent a great deal of study in the workings of astrological systems. He has developed his own relationship formulas that can yield as compatible a match as karma will allow in this lifetime.

He has also used astrology in pet selection to recognize harmonious aspects in our four footed friends.

Gem N Aries has been a part of the New Jersey Pagan and Wiccan communities for decades and has taught astrology at many festivals and events. As well as providing a news hub for pagan events in our state.

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