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Welcome back, it's been a while and we missed you! We created Gem N Aries in December of 1996, to provide a space for astrology on the world wide web. After many changes and following the path before us, we're back!!!

We provide Free Horoscopes, and Free Dog Astrology on this page. We also sell a fine selection of computer generated Natal, Predictive and Relationship charts, Chart Interpretations as well as Natal correct Horoscopes. We also offer personal astrological readings and Astrological pet selection services.

Pardon the dust as we rebuild and upgrade Astrology's original home on the web. The best is yet to come.

It is our belief that the information provided through astrology can help you plan and guide all aspects of your life towards prosperity and happiness. We do not belive that astrology is a deep dark secret that should be confusing and aloof. We take special care to provide personal services at reasonable prices.

Please check out Matrix Space Interactive, On-line interactive astrology reports (real-time astrology/oracles), Astro*Index (Online encyclopedia), online astrology bibliography, real-time search for charts from 20,000 celebrity charts, and More.


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Libra Horoscope Libra Horoscope - Sep 21st thru Oct 20th

Scorpio Horoscope Scorpio Horoscope - Oct 21st thru Nov 20th

Sagittarius Horoscope Sagittarius Horoscope - Nov 21st thru Dec 20th

Capricorn Horoscope Capricorn Horoscope - Dec 21st thru Jan 20th

Aquarius Horoscope Aquarius Horoscope - Jan 21st thru Feb 20th

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