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The wonderful people who handle our advertsing sales recommended that we publish a privacy statement. Since they are not usually far from the center, this is it.

We "Gem N Aries" would Never distribute in any form, any information pertaining to "your" identity, purchases or visits to our site. whether for sale or not. It won't happen, ever.

It is the half a million visitors (give or take five) a year that make this (Gem N Aries) posible and we would never jeopardize that relationship.

We DO on occasion (whenever we have time ... which as we all know is not often) publish letters that we recieve from our readers asking for astrology advice and we DO change the names and or use initials only. If you do not want your letter published, please say so and we will not publish it.

We CAN NOT police others who have links on our site. This includes the millions of advertisers, link exchanges, and (in our mind) interesting other links we provide for your viewing enjoyment.

We WILL cast off, cut loose, otherwise hack and whenever posible completely destroy and oblitherate ANY link that we find using unethical privacy practices.

For those of you who know us, "nothing new" for those of you who are new here, we hope you feel more secure now.

If we have left anything out please let us know and we will include it in the future.

Thank you for visiting our site,

Steven and Bonnie Repko

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